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Chasing Dogs Studios was founded in 2005 by Art Min, a veteran of the game industry since 1993. Art has worked on titles such as System Shock, Terra Nova, FireTeam, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, and Deus Ex: Invisible War. Chasing Dogs Studios is Art's third start-up, after Multitude and Junction Point Studios (both of which he co-founded).

After working on several $10-million-budget games, Art wanted to get back to the tight loop of game/art design and programming iteration that were much more possible with the small teams when he entered the industry. Nowadays, teams spend more time coordinating their army of developers than the actual "fun part" of making games.

Chasing Dogs Studios focuses on casual, but thoughtful games. We hope that you will find them original, fun, and addictive.

Curious about the name "Chasing Dogs?" Check out these two videos and you'll see where the name came from: Movie File One (avi)   Movie File Two (avi)